[2.52] Explained

Posted on June 17, 2011


What a nightmare this week was! I must admit that I almost got to the point of giving up, practically before the project has even gotten underway. How awful is that?! Anyhow, now I’ve confessed, let’s move on.

So this week’s shot was all about the Second Noble Truth, about why we suffer. Last week we’d discussed all about the fact that we need to realise we have a problem – that our lives aren’t perfect, and in fact, are pretty imperfect.  The Truth of Origin deals with the reasons why this is so.

Basically the answer is ‘ignorance’ – mainly in regards to the self. We see ourselves as independent, permanent, concrete beings, ‘I’ or ‘me’ in other words. On this basis we then come up with ‘mine’ and ‘not mine’ and create all sorts of drama around this – from being super attached to our loved ones, to sometimes wanting to murder people we don’t like!

All of this drama stems from this ignorance regarding dependent origination and impermanence.


Now onto the picture. UGH! I had a completely different type of shot in mind. It was supposed to be similar to the first week, a little bit dark, a little bit scary in a way. So I’d imagined someone with no eyes walking next to a cliff or a body of water, about to tumble off – signifying our blindness to reality. Anyhow I don’t know of any cliffs near here, so I tried it in a forest. Disaster. Then I tried it in the seriously creepy attics where I live. Double disaster.

The idea then spontaneously evolved into something far more light, fluffy and colourful, but with a hint of darkness to it. I just saw how beautiful the flowers are right now, how fragrant and fresh, and yet, how they’ll be gone before long. This reminded me of the clinging we have to sense pleasures, to be surrounded by beauty and perfume and deliciousness all the time, but because we are blind to their actual nature, we can’t really enjoy them fully.

Tadaa. Flowers, beautiful girl with no eyes, and dandelion seeds blown into the shot for that extra magical effect.

You can see the original shot and the final result below:


Even after the third go at taking pictures for this week, after I had them on my computer I was seriously stressing. I tried a few things and nothing was working, everything looked absolutely crap and it was only when I reached the lowest point, about to delete everything, that I got something that I was semi-pleased with. The final result was a 750MB monster with more than 20 layers. The whole process took me approximately 6 hours of work (I know, you wouldn’t imagine from the final result) – until the early hours of the morning one night. Anyway, c’est la view – life’s not perfect.


I’m on holiday tomorrow for almost 2 weeks – and I will not have access to any internet whatsoever – so I won’t be posting next week. The week after I’ll give you all a double whammy to make up for it! Be happy!


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